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Lessons From Lena

Welcome to my blog! My name is Andrea Burggrabe, and I run I Speak Woof, LLC.  I am a certified dog trainer as well as a high school special education and biology teacher.  I am very active in my local dog rescue community and strive to make sure all dog owners can have access to resources and training so that they can experience the same partnership and deep connection that I do with my own dogs.  This helps insure that all dogs (whether acquired by adopting or shopping) stay in their forever homes, have their needs met, and are loved forever and always. Dog ownership does not need to make you feel exhausted and like you are pulling hair our of your head.  It should bring true joy to both the dog and their family! 

I chose the name "Lessons From Lena" because my Lena Bee has taught me more about myself and about dogs than I could ever have dreamed.  She has taught me that training is not about what tool you use, but about truly understanding your dog and collaborating with them.  She and I have become a wonderful team.  When I first adopted her, she was so strong and prey driven that I could not even walk her.  Now, she walks beautifully, and I can walk her off leash and even call her back in the middle of chasing those pesky bunny rabbits!  We also have been participating in agility together.

Some of these blogs will be stories about how dogs and their owners, like Lena and I, have furthered their relationship together. Others will be focused on problem solving through challenging behaviors and training techniques to improve your dog's life (and yours)!  Thanks for following, and I hope you are able to learn and grow through my shared experiences!


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